3 Reasons Why Your Thyroid Repair Program Isn’t Working

Over the past twenty years, I’ve treated thousands of patient’s just like you who have gone to the doctor, had lab work done, waited weeks for follow ups, only to find out that the tests are “normal” and they just have to live with the issues.

This is unacceptable and frustrating. So for you, I’ve put together this information to help you better understand what is going on with the thyroid and how you can take charge of your thyroid issues and start living better NOW!

In this report – we’ll be covering 3 reasons why your thyroid repair program isn’t working – and ultimately what to do about it!

Let’s jump right in.

The First Reason Why Your Thyroid Repair Program Isn’t Working is that you may not be getting treated correctly.

So lets’ talk a little about traditional treatment for thyroid disorders.

When you go to the doctor, you fill out some forms, they sit you in a room in the back of the office, a nurse or technician will take your vitals, keep you siting in a room where the doctor rushes in and spends about 5 minutes talking to you about your thyroid. (you may get 15 minutes if you’re lucky – but most of the time it’s less than that!) During that time, the doctor – or more likely a Physician’s Assistant (PA) – writes you an order for some blood work. They tell you to get the blood work done and you can follow up in a couple of weeks. So…

You dutifully get the lab work done and wait the two weeks or so, hoping that the test comes back with some sort of answer that explains why you feel so “off”.

After the two weeks (or more …) You get back to the doctor, and he/she whips out the lab report with a big smile and says: “I have great news for you! You tests look normal! But… I’m going to put you on this medication – just in case…”

The doctor then writes you a prescription for “SYNTHROID” or levothyroxine (the generic form of the drug) and sends you on your merry way.

Sadly, this senario plays out in doctors offices all over the world and honestly, for only about 10% of the population does this treatment protocol offer any type of solution. As a matter of fact, after 20 years in the healthcare arena, I’ve only come across a handful of people with thyroid disorders that were helped by this “one-size-fits-all” approach to thyroid treatment.

After studying thyroid disorders for years, I’ve found that medication only helps those with one specific sub-type of hypothyroidism. For that small percentage of patients, the medication can be life changing, but unfortunately for a VAST majority of people, the medication offers little to no relief of symptoms and in the long run, provides little to no long term health benefits. So what’s a person to do? That’s a great question, and here’s what we’ve found.

If you don’t know what sub-type of hypothyroidism you have, you’ll never know how to best treat the disorder. We’ve created a specific protocol to better understand this, and I’ll be talking more about it at the end of the article (if that’s alright with you – and if you truly want to learn how to help your specific sub-type of thyroid issues)


So we’ve already talked about how most medications for thyroid only help one specific type of thyroid disorder, but the second reason that your thyroid repair program isn’t working may be the fact that many times it’s not just the thyroid that is not working correctly.

I’ve talked with people, just like you, who’ve been to multiple specialists, had multiple diagnostic tests performed, have piles and piles of charts and reports, all of which show the thyroid to be working properly, but for some reason – they still feel “sick”!

This is infuriating to me as a doctor, because most healthcare today is based on looking at a person as a bunch of separate systems that are individual and don’t affect each other. In fact, the entire medical system has been created to perpetuate that idea. Back 20 years ago, you would go to the doctor and he/she would help you with your colds and flu, if your knee and shoulder hurt – he’d work with you on that as well, and if you had a baby, he’d probably be the one helping to deliver the baby….


There are no more WHOLE BODY DOCTORS…there are only specialists. In fact, you go to the PRIMARY care doctor and he looks at your chart – you have heart flutters, night sweats, achy knees and can’t sleep, so he prescribes you a sleeping pill and gives you a referral to the “Heart Doctor” (cardiologist) for your heart flutters, another referral to the “Female Doctor” (ob/gyn) for the night sweats and possible hormone issues, and the “Knee Doctor” (orthopedist) for the knee pain…No one looks at you as a whole person – only as individual parts that aren’t working and should get looked after. The problem is that far too often the “Heart Doctor” never talks to the “Knee Doctor” who never calls the “Female Doctor”, and all of the doctors prescribe different medications for different issues without thinking that ALL of those symptoms may be related and may be coming from some other part of the body that is just not working correctly!

Doesn’t that just sound crazy?

So maybe it’s time to find someone who not only looks at you as a whole person, but understands that there are many options to help your specific issues?  Doesn’t that sound more realistic?  Yes – that’s what we think as well.  Let’s talk about the third reason.

The Third Reason  Why Your Thyroid Repair Program Isn’t Working is that you may have an issue with  your immune system that is keeping them from being healthy.

Let’s explain this a little further…

Your body was designed to stay healthy and keep itself healthy.  As we go through life, we are bombarded by all kinds of things that can cause damage to our body.  The pollution we breath, the toxic chemicals we’re exposed to, and the billions of viruses and bacteria’s that are harmful to our system.  The good news is that our bodies were designed to combat all these things that want to do our body harm – and for the most part – the body does an unbelievable job of keeping us healthy.

Yet, there are times, when the body is either overwhelmed or when the system is just not able to keep up, and illness occurs.

The body goes into combat mode and starts creating cells that have 1 job – destroy the cells that are causing the body harm!

This process continues until the good cells outnumber the bad cells and the body is able to get back to functioning again.  The trouble with this senario is that often times, the body has not completely recovered from the fight, before we are off and running to the next harmful situation.  This keeps our body producing those cells that have only the one job of destroying other cells.

The best way to describe it is if you have a bunch of people whose job is to tear down buildings that are falling apart.  They are really good at their job – in fact, they’re so good that they’ve torn down all the buildings that are falling down.  But soon they start seeing buildings that are “not too bad” but look ALOT like the buildings they’ve been tearing down.  So, in order to keep busy and do their job – they start to tear down buildings that are “not too bad” and the keep going and start to tear down buildings that are IMPORTANT!!!

This is what happens in your body.  The immune system is under constant stress from what is going on that it never “turns off” and when there are no more BAD cells for it to destroy – it starts looking for cells that “LOOK ALIKE” or are even “Slightly Similar” to the BAD cells, and it starts to destroy them.  The problem is that these OTHER cells are important for the body and the body starts destroying itself.

This process is known as autoimmune disorders.

There are HUNDREDS of autoimmune disorders and many of them directly affect the functioning of the thyroid and the other hormones of the body.

This is a HUGE problem in today’s society, and when working with people JUST LIKE YOU, I’ve found that THIS REASON ALONE is THE MOST PREVALENT reason that people are “sick” and they don’t know why.

Why do other people not find this out?

First, you have to know what you’re looking for.  If you just look at the body’s immune system on the surface – you’ll see it “doing it’s job”.  The cells are busy and they are in the “right numbers” on the lab work.  But the problem is that there are specific markers that we look for that show if these cells are destroying BAD cells, or if there is a problem and they are destroying IMPORTANT cells!!!

Without this – you can be treated for thyroid problems you ENTIRE life – and NEVER feel better.  Don’t let this happen to you.

As I stated earlier, I’ve found a way to look at a person and determine what is going on with their health.  I’ve created a health care questionnaire and personalized program to help people get answers to their specific thyroid issues.  And with this program, give them the information they need to take control of their health, and even help those around them to better understand why they became unhealthy and what steps they need to do to GET THEIR HEALTH BACK!

If you’re still reading this report, then you must still be interested in taking charge of your health as well.  If that is truly the case, then I’m going to ask for a favor.

I want you to take some time out of your day, to sit down with me or my staff doctors and get a picture of what’s going on with your health.

If we talk and find out that your are a good candidate for our program, we’ll tell you the next steps and what to do from there.

Does that sound fair?

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