60% of your Thyroid Hormones may be inactive

Did you know that your thyroid gland only makes 2 hormones.  One is the active form of the hormone – which is the one the body uses for all the necessary metabolism steps, and the other one is INACTIVE and the body HAS to convert this hormone for it to be useful to normal metabolic activities.

The difficulty lies in the the fact that the thyroid gland itself creates nearly 93% of INACTIVE hormone and only 7% of the Active hormone.  So in order to convert the INACTIVE hormone to something the body can use, it has to be converted.  In order to convert the hormone to the active form, the INACTIVE hormone has to be transported to a different part of the body where this transformation takes place.

If you’ve been suffering with Thyroid issues for any period of time, you may well be aware of this process, but you may not be familiar with where this process occurs.

The conversion of the INACTIVE thyroid hormone to the Active thyroid hormone primarily takes place in the Liver!  In fact, 60% of the INACTIVE hormone is converted to the Active hormone in the liver.  So this is where we get the information in the title.

Many people with thyroid issues go to the doctor and have their “thyroid checked”.  The doctor runs tests and states – “Looks Like Everything Is Normal.  The thyroid levels look good…”

But the problem with this, is that many times, the doctor doesn’t check the liver, to make sure it’s doing its job as well.

The best way to think about this is baking a cake.  In order to make a cake, you need to take all the separate ingredients and combine them in such a way that they form the cake.  In other words, you need all the parts of a cake to mix together to form batter and then put them in the oven to bake and create a cake.

If you leave out 60% of the ingredients – do you think the cake will be any good?

The truth is  – probably not.

So even if I have the thyroid “doing its job” and all the pieces are there, if they’re not properly “combined” in the liver – you’ll leave out 60% of the pieces and you’ll end up with “thyroid problems” – even though the thyroid is working perfectly!!!

So this is why it’s important to work with someone who understands the process and how thyroid hormones are utilized in the body.

If you’ve been to the doctor – and have been told your thyroid is “fine”, but they never checked your liver…there is still a problem.

Isn’t it time to learn the whole picture instead of just looking at the pieces?  This is the reason why I created the Guide to Understanding Thyroid Subtypes.

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