A Doctor For You

I know it’s frustrating for thyroid sufferers!

You’ve been to doctor after doctor and specialist after specialist only to run in to the SAME problems each and every time.

You’re just looking for someone who will actually LISTEN to you…

Here are a few things that we’ve made a priority for our patients.

First – we LISTEN…

You’ve been in your bodies longer than ANYONE else on the planet.  That means YOU know when something is not right and YOU know that something needs to change.  All you want is a doctor who understands that and will help YOU get help…we do that.

Second – we understand – EACH PERSON IS DIFFERENT

All the lab findings, and all the medication changes effect each person differently.  So when you are told all your labs are “NORMAL” and you should be on the “STANDARD” medication and not pay attention to your specific needs, you’re going to have problems.  Each person is evaluated with our “Subtype Laboratory Analysis Protocol” to create a program tailored JUST FOR YOU.  Each plan has a basic structure, but the protocols will differ depending on YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.  If your doctor is treating you like everyone else – you need to come to us.  It’s time to have a doctor that treats you like and individual.


If you are on the planet – there are things that can be done to help you live better.  We all have a finite time on this planet, but it’s important to ENJOY your time and being healthy is more enjoyable that not being healthy.  In order to live better, you need to be healthy.  Without our health we are robbed of our life.  So if you have been told – “there’s nothing else we can do”, it’s time to come talk to us.

I have to tell you that we CANNOT help everyone, but even if we cannot help you – we can help point  you in the right direction.  So stop suffering and start taking control of your health.


What can you do to get the doctor you’ve been searching for?  Schedule a time to talk with us NOW!  We’ll talk about your issues, and discuss which wellness plans may work best for you and get you on track for a better YOU!

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