Hello, I’m Dr. Clifton Mays, D.C. and I help people suffering with thyroid issues. As a doctor, author, and wellness practitioner for over 25 years, I have seen hundreds of people get their health and life back with natural healthcare.

I became involved in the treatment of thyroid disorders after a friend of the family went for surgery to remove her thyroid at the age of 20 and I’ve seen the struggles that her and her family have gone through.

After that I vowed to never let that happen again.

So after years of study and working with hundreds of patients, I finally had a breakthrough with one of our clinic patients.  Her change was quick and dramatic and it only required a few simple steps that I’d been recommending for years, but once it was put together, it made a simple and easy to follow program.

That program made all the difference.  I’ve been able to refine this program so that almost anyone suffering with thyroid issues can see noticeable changes in their health and well being.

After years of working with thousands of patients, I’ve come to believe 3 fundamental truths about people suffering with thyroid disease.

1. Thyroid patients are usually mis-diagnosed or under-diagnosed

People suffering with thyroid issues are often told their “Thyroid Lab Tests” are normal, but they feel sick and tired.  This process can continue for months, until the lab tests FINALLY show some decrease in thyroid function. The sad part is this is often “too late” for many people who are looking for answers to their problems, and this can lead to years of medication and medical intervention that would have been completely unnecessary if they’d been properly diagnosed in the beginning

2.  I believe there’s always hope!

Even for my patient’s that come to me complaining that they just don’t want to live anymore, by understanding the true underlying issues that they are suffering with, they are able to get a hold of their condition and it gives them hope that they can live a healthy and happy life again.  As long as a person is willing to take the “next step” to living better, there is always hope to creating the life and health a person truly wants.

3.  I believe that simple nutritional changes can make a world of difference.

When it comes to a person’s overall health and well-being, I’ve found that even a few simple nutritional changes can help people regain the health and energy they thought they’d lost forever.  With the hundreds of fad diets that people struggle with, I’ve found that simple choices in everyday living can mean huge changes in overall health and well being. You don’t have to DIET to live healthy, you just get to make different choices.

This is my life’s work to help people with get their lives back just like Elizabeth…

“I’d been suffering with all types of health issues.  My doctors had me on 9 different medications and I was only eating once a day.  It had gotten so bad that I would pass out during the day, and my co-workers were worried that I would end up in a hospital.  (this is a little ironic since I teach hospitals how to better manage their emergency room procedures). So not only was I getting the “best” care I could find, I was talking to doctors from around the country and I still felt sick.

After going through the program, I was able to start eating regular food again and I was taken off all my heart medication and was back to working full time again.  I would highly recommend this program.”  
– Elizabeth A. O., Greensboro, NC

When you know that something is not “right” and everyone around you tells you “everything is normal”, life can become down-right maddening.

You know you’re not the same person you were.  You don’t have the energy to play with your children, you don’t have the patience you had with your spouse, you barely make it through the work day before coming home and collapsing.  You know there has to be more to life than feeling like “this”!

You’ve tried the diets and recommendations from your friends, you’ve taken every supplement that ever mentioned thyroid support, and you’ve even been to the doctor – none of which have worked to create a more “normal” you.

Isn’t it time to understand “why” you don’t feel like yourself?  Why you don’t have the energy you think you should have. Why you have trouble relating to your spouse and often don’t want to spend time doing things you both used to love?

Here’s your chance to finally get a hold of your health and get started on the path to a healthier, happier, more “normal” you!

If this sounds anything like what you’re experiencing,  I can help you troubleshoot some of those underlying issues that are keeping you from being healthy and getting back on track to a normal life.

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For Better Wellness,
Dr. Clifton Mays