Are You Worth It?

After years of taking care of people’s health, I see a trend that makes me wonder…

Are You Worth It?

There are people today who are living paycheck to paycheck, but they spend money on the latest fashion trend, or the showroom car, or even botox parties for their lips and eyes.

This makes me shake my head a little.

What are all these things for?  They’re to impress other people.  We LOVE to be loved by others.  It’s in our nature.  We are born to do what we think other people will appreciate, and this carries on into our adult lives.  This is the way we are “hard wired” and the advertisers in today’s society know it.  It doesn’t matter if you are tired, sick, and not feeling up to par…the advertisers of the world want you to spend your time and effort impressing others, not taking care of yourself.

This has also happened in the medical field.  Medications of today are not meant to cure a problem, they are just there to “manage” the problem, so you never truly take the time to understand and correct the true underlying issue.

Does this sound like you?

You work hard EVERY DAY to try and make a better life only to see the latest commercial telling you that your clothes are out of date, your car is second rate, your family is not as successful as the one we show you on TV.  So you become more stressed, more belittled and less happier than you think you should be.

This is a very sad, and dangerous spiral that can lead to depression or worse.

The good news is that with a few simple choices – you can overcome all this.

When it comes to health and healing, I tell my patients that they need to ask themselves, “Are You Worth It?”.

Let’s explain:

If you go to the doctor and he tells you that you have the chance to be healthy, or you can just take this pill to manage your symptoms – what do you do?

Ask yourself – ARE YOU WORTH IT?  Is it worth the time and energy it may take to be healthy, or do you want to just keep the status quo and struggle with your day to day symptoms?

Whenever you start making changes that affect your life, you should understand that YOU ARE WORTH IT and without you, there is no tomorrow.

It is very difficult for my moms and caregivers to understand this idea.  They spend their lives taking care of their children, their spouses, their relatives and never focusing on taking care of themselves.  Then, when they are finally faced with having to take care of themselves – they can’t do it.  This puts them in a bind that often leads to years of health and family issues.

Healthy living is an investment, and may not always be the easiest choice, but never forget:  YOU ARE WORTH IT.

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