FREE REPORT: Dr. May’s Revels the 6 Hypothyroid Types That Most Doctors Miss (and patients need to recover)

After Seeing 100’s of Thyroid Patients it’s clear if you are “misdiagnosed” it might take years for you to get better…

These 6 separate disorders of the thyroid are often confused and overlooked. Even the “natural” wellness sites on the internet rarely mention all 6. And that’s why people with thyroid issues tend to either get better in a few months… or take many years.

If you’ve been seen for a thyroid issue and it’s not better already. It’s likely because you have a sub-type issue that I outline in this free report

This Guide Will Reveal:

  • Which subtype has a normal TSH why you feel awful on Synthroid
  • We reveal the Primary Sign You Have Hashimoto’s (subtype 6)
  • What NOT to do no matter which subtype you have
    (hint: Everyone is talking about it…)