Cold Outside…And Inside

This time of year, most of the US is “enjoying” the grip of winter and as the title states – It’s Cold Outside.

The fact that the outside is cold, is all the more issue for people with thyroid issues.  Hypothyroidism side effects include the body having a difficult time with regulating body temperature.  That means – if the outside temperature is cold – then those with thyroid issues may be even COLDER!

Now,  if you’re not living in the Bahamas at 72 degrees most of the year, you’ll be having issues dealing with the colder temperatures.

Let’s talk about 3 tips on helping you do better with thyroid “coldness”


Time to listen to your mother, and wear more layers!  The funny part is that this is actually an easy way to help combat being cold.  If you have the chance to put on layers – this is a great way to start.

In order to stay warm – dress in multiple layers.

This is good advice for all ages.  When you’re inside with warmer temperatures, you can remove layers without getting too cold, and when your outside, you can layer for more protection and warmth.



One quick way to boost metabolism and help fire up the body’s engine is to add B-Vitamins.  B-vitamins are water soluble and are fairly easy to absorb and use.  For many people with thyroid issues, they have a difficult time converting B-vitamins into the usable “pieces”.  Since that is so often the case,  much of the intake of Vit. B is excreted as waste.  This waste means that the body doesn’t have enough vitamin to keep the fires strong and keep the engine running at top performance.  This means things slow down and people feel tired and cold.

In order to prevent the body from losing too much B-Vitamin and to help the process of speeding up the body’s engine – you can dose more B vitamin than you would normally consume during the year.  Having extra B vitamins in the system can help give the body a little extra support that it can use to help keep the body’s engine running at peak performance.



This is why having a doctor as part of your healthcare regime is important.  This is the time of year when we see people labs doing ALL kinds of strange things.  Just like heating systems in your home, your body is working harder during this time of the year.  If the heating system of the house is not checked – then there is a possibility that it will break down and you can have all types of problems in a cold house.

The same holds true for your body.  As the cold weather makes your body work harder, then more and more body systems can start to show problems. If these body system problems aren’t caught in a timely manner, then you can have health issues that last far longer than they should.

So, talk to your doctor.  If you haven’t had your labs done in the past 6 months – now is the time to run them again.

If you haven’t talked to a doctor – time to talk with us!

Schedule your time to talk with us by clicking the red button below.  We’ll see if you and I are a good fit to work together and get your thyroid issues under control.

I look forward to speaking with you and I’m sure you’ll find these tips useful!

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