Just How Severe Is the Coronavirus? New Rate Estimates

With the extra time to catch up with all the Medical Journals – I came across this study in the LANCET.

This is the UK’s journal of medicine and I thought it was very relevant to what is going on during this time.

If you know me – you know I’m a big purveyor of HOPE!

So if you watch the News or listen to the Radio – there is not a lot of hope being broadcast these days.  So I wanted to give you a little insight in the medical world and what the studies are showing.

Now –

Let me first off start by heading off all the NEGATIVE remarks that may come from this post.

I KNOW a lot of healthcare workers and first responders and people are being exposed to this virus and not all of them have happy outcomes.

There are people that are dying from this virus.  And in all fairness – there are still people dying ALL OVER from various assaults on their immune system (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc)

So don’t get all up in arms if you’re on the front lines of this disease and think I’m making light of the situation.


This article is to show you the numbers and give you HOPE.

So – here goes.

When going over the findings of the LANCET study – the duration of onset of symptoms to DEATH – is approximately 17.8 days

That doesn’t sound like good news, but let me keep going…

The study also stated that the onset of symptoms to DISCHARGE from the hospital is 24.7 days.

So – IF – you have the symptoms and get treatment – You are OUT of the hospital in less than a month.

The good and bad of this is that the OLDER you are – the less positive the outcome.  The study talks about those over 60 that 6.4% of the cases had bad outcomes and those over 80 yoa had 13.4% bad outcomes.

REMEMBER these stats are from those who had symptoms BAD ENOUGH to go to the hospital.  We’ll talk more about that later in the post.

So this study does not take into account ANY of those who had symptoms but did not get bad enough to seek medical care and this is what I want to stress…


So all the hype of limited care and overcrowding – while still a possible outcome, may be a LITTLE over-stated.

So going back to the study, it talked about those that indeed needed hospitalization and not just medical intervention, but there is still good news there.

In fact, the study showed a MAXIMUM number of hospitalizations occurred in those 80+ yoa and that was only 18.4% – so in the HIGHEST risk category – those with symptoms who PRESENTED to the hospital for care less than 2 people out of 10 needed to be put in the hospital for this.  So over 80% of the 80+yoa – that presented with the virus – never needed hospitalization for their condition.

So that is what I’m looking at.

Yes – be safe

Yes – take precautions

Yes – be smart

But remember – I believe we were created and were mysteriously and wonderously made – so if He knows how to make us – He knows how to prepare the body to keep us safe.

So take this article as a little bit of hope and you’re welcome to check out the article by clicking the imbeded links in the post!!


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