Are You Looking At The Right Tests?

I’ve been combing through the journals and looking at various help groups for hypothyroidism and there is a HUGE push for TSH and T4 testing and the results from those tests in regard to thyroid issue.

I’ve also been watching as people debate the use of Synthroid vs NT thyroid.  In this post, I want to address the testing first.

So, let’s look at a few things.


First – the tests that are most common when looking at thyroid issues include TSH and T4.

The more you know about these tests, the more the following analogy will mean to you.

If you look at these tests like viewing a running car, you are like a mechanic who walks up to the car, puts his hand on the hood of the car and goes , “Yep…car’s running”.  Next the mechanic walks to the back of the car and leans down to the exhaust pipe.  Then reaches down and feels the exhaust and states, “there’s exhaust – car’s working fine”.

So this is what happens to most patients with thyroid issue who go to the doctor.  The doc looks at TSH and goes – “yep…thyroids working”, then goes down the list and looks at T4 and states, “There’s T4, so everything must be fine.”

But when you take in account that there is MUCH more going on in a running car than just the engine and exhaust, you need to understand there is much more going on than just “thyroid’s working, everything must be fine.”

Also, after treating hundreds, if not thousands of thyroid patients, almost NONE of them have the single test that determines whether or not treatment protocols for thyroid issues will be successful.

So my best recommendation is that if you’ve been suffering with thyroid issues and you are not seeing any change in your progress, you need to make sure that you’ve had the RIGHT tests.  It’s important that the doctor or health coach is looking at ALL the applicable tests for thyroid function and no report is complete without a test for thyroid antibodies.

This is why we created our program in the first place.

We give you the complete info you need to determine what YOU can do to help get your thyroid back on track.  YOU have the information and YOU can make an informed decision.

Our program is designed specifically for you and your needs.  We’ve also found that when one person in a family joins the program, they are able to make positive changes for ALL the members of the family, because they better understand their health and how certain foods, and supplements affect their health.  So, if you are trying to get your health under control, this may be just the answer you’ve been searching for.

The advantage is that this program not only helps you take control of your thyroid issues, it can also help you with other health issues like weight, fatigue and hormonal problems.

It’s not enough to just “walk-around” your health issues.  It’s time to understand what’s going on and how to take control.

If you’re ready to take the next step, then schedule a call with us and we’ll get you on a program that works best for YOU.  Stop wondering and get the right information.

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