Help or Hope

Still looking for ways to take care of your thyroid issues? 

Still tired and dealing with weight issues? 

Still not feeling like yourself?

Know something is not right – but don’t know what it is?


Well then – I have another question for you.

Do you REALLY want help with your problems, or are you just looking for hope?

I know that sounds like the same thing, but I’ve found that it’s not.

You see – people looking for hope are constantly searching for the next best thing or next test they can take to see what else is going on with their condition.  They know something’s not right and they will try almost anything to figure out what’s going on.

The trouble is for many people – they stop HERE!!!  They go from one doctor to the next, from one remedy to the next, from one diet to the next, and never see the results they are searching for.

They just want to hear that there is hope if they keep trying this thing or that thing, but they can never seem to completely get control.

Here is where I’m different.

I have ALWAYS offered my clients and those who have come in to my office HOPE.  There is always a next step that we can take to get them further on their journey to health, but I’ve found that the best results are found when people are looking for HELP!

Let’s explain.

If I understand that something is not right and that something involved ME, then I need to find out what I need to do to get things right.

This is a HUGE life lesson, and something that I’m still working on EVERY DAY of my life for the past 50+years!!!

You see, I’m the kind of person that always searches for the next best thing, the bright shiny object, the next HOPE.  But I’ve found that once I get the next “thing”, I’m no better off, until I find someone or something to HELP me put the “thing” into part of my life.

You see – alot of my clients have come with ideas from other doctors about what they think could help them.  They’ve been given testing, medication, diets, exercises, meditations, remedies – etc…. all of which offered them hope, but over time – they could not find a way to keep using these things to make their lives better.  They either stopped asking for help from people or just stopped being helped – thinking they could just trudge on by themselves.

This – happens – all – the – time!

I’ve seen people get MIRACULOUS results with our health and wellness plans, then they go out on their own, and “stop” being helped.

They fall back into old lifestyles and over time lose the progress they once made.  Far too often, I hear stories of people who tried other programs, only to say they didn’t get the help they needed, so they just stopped the program.

This is heart-breaking.

So, here’s why my program is different.  I am your mentor.  I will give you the help you need, so that YOU can take control of your health, and YOU can get the results you are looking for.  Understand that as a mentor – I will guide you, but I will not carry you.  You will never be able to take care of yourself without learning what YOU must do to be healthy.  Once you learn this – you will not only be able to take care of yourself, but you can offer HELP to those you love.  You will not only be the HOPE they are looking for – you’ll be able to give them the HELP that caused you to reach the health goals you set for yourself as well.

I know this sounds a little esoteric, but I know that some of you need to hear this.

Stop searching for the next shiny object, get the HELP you need to get back to the you that you truly want to be.

Call me and set up a time that we can go over your health goals – and see what program you need to get the help you’re looking for.



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