Holiday Spirit and T3

My goodness – what a marvelous time of year!!!

The holidays are here and with them there is hustle, bustle, stress, anxiety and a host of other emotions and activities that put the most healthy person under the gun.

So what about those of you with thyroid issues?

If you’re having lower thyroid hormone production – then the holidays feel like an overwhelming tidal wave, that is threatening to ruin what every joy and merriment you may be having.

So what are we to do?

Well, there are 3 things I recommend to all our clients during this time of the year.  These 3 things are available to everyone reading this post.  If you’re trying to boost your T3 levels – these 3 recommendations are a good way to start.

1st Recommendation- ADD THIS TO YOUR DIET…

If you are suffering with thyroid issues – you need to boost your bodies levels of T3 hormone.

If you’ve been reading any material from me – you know that T3 is the active component of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland.  This active form of the hormone is used by EVERY cell in the body to help maintain cell metabolism and keep the body going.


To boost T3 during this time of the year – I tell everyone to take B12, or at the very least a B Complex vitamin.

I know there are those of you out there going – “I already take a B vitamin and it’s barely helping….”

That means you may be needing a methylated B12.

Oh…you didn’t know there is a difference?  Well, there is!

If you’re not taking B12 – then now is the time to start.  If your B12 is not helping you feel a little more energetic – you need to look at a methylated B12.  We have found one of the best ones available, so if you’re interested – just contact us and we’ll get you set.

How much should you be taking – you ask?

What a great question!!!

My answer – as much as you need! 🙂

Yes – it’s a smart remark.  Everyone’s need is different, but the advantage is that if you are taking too little – you won’t be feeling more active.  If you are taking too much –  you will have a BRIGHT YELLOW coloration of your urine.  (not just in the morning – but throughout the day).  So what you see on the bottle is the recommended dose.  If you need more – talk to one of our doctors and we can council you how to know if you need more.


Second Recommendation – GET SOME SLEEP!!!

I know the holiday’s are filled with parties, and activites and a host of other things that grab our attention.  So rest is vitally important during this time of year.

We always recommend 7-9 hours for most healthy adults.  You should be sleeping a minimum of 5 hour stints, and if you are waking up after less than 5 hours – YOU MUST SPEAK WITH A DOCTOR!!!

A lack of rest over time can cause a variety of  health issues above and beyond what you may already dealing with.

There are specific things that can be done to help you have a better and more restful nights sleep – so if you’re not sleeping – it’s time to get your “40 winks” (that means 7-9 hours of constant sleep!!!)


Third Recommendation – IT WILL BE OKAY!!!

I tell everyone to put this in their brain during this time of the year.

Are you hosting a party for 100 people?  It will be okay

Are you travelling through 3 time zones with 8 kids and a dog?  It will be okay

Are none of the presents you order on Amazon in stock?  It will be okay

There are things that occur during this time of year that we CAN NOT CONTROL.

No matter how much planning, no matter how carefully organized, no matter how much work you put into it – things are going to happen that are unexpected.

If we let these unexpected events throw us for a loop – there are many people who will not be able to handle it and will be stressed the rest of the holiday season.

If you can add this simple phrase to your vocabulary during this time of year – YOU WILL BE HEALTHIER!

Yes – this phrase will not create world peace or even help uncle carl stop over-drinking this holidy – but it will help give you PEACE.

And PEACE will help you enjoy this time of year – PLUS – with peace – the body is better able to manage stress and that will boost your T3 levels!!! Who knew???  (well – we know – that’s why we’re writing and reading this information!)

So during this season – take B12, get some sleep, and “it will be okay”!

Remember this and enjoy your holidays!

As always – we’re available to discuss your health concerns – you can still schedule a time to talk with our doctors.


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