Just getting up

Get Up

Since practicing for over 25 years, I have spoken with hundreds of patients with health issues and one of the biggest challenges that I see is that people know they have to take steps to get their health under control but with all the information out there and how poorly they feel, it’s just find it difficult to know where to even start.

Do you feel like this?

If you do, the best advice I can give you is to just…get…up.


I know a lot of you are tilting your head and wondering what I’m talking about,  so let’s explain this…


When we research health and wellness, several things appear to be a constant.  There are studies that show our bodies do well when they are active.  Study after study shows the benefits of motion in regard to overall health and wellness.

Then there’s the flip side.

There is more and more information about how our bodies break down when there is a lack of motion or action on our part.  There are countless times when we see an elderly person have a minimal slip and fall at their home and they are brought to the hospital.

Due to the nature of hospitals, the person becomes sedentary and there is less and less motion in the persons daily routine.  Within a short period of time, the person begins showing signs of pneumonia and within a few days, the person, who entered the hospital with a seemingly “innocent” injury has passed away from complications arising from pneumonia.

This may sound a little extreme, but I’ve seen it FAR to often to just casually dismiss it.

That means that for those of you with health issues, you would do well to “just – get – up” and start adding activity to your daily routine.

I know for most of my patients, that when they come to my office, they complain about fatigue and lethargy and basically the inability to perform almost any activity for extended periods of time.

I counsel them on the importance of motion and we start with just the little things.

When you wake up in the morning…

Get Up!

Don’t hit the snooze button.  That gives your body and excuse to lay back down and start to figure out how “bad” the day is going to be.

If you get out of bed with the alarm – you are telling yourself that YOU will take control of the day.  YOU will determine how the day begins.

It’s a simple – but important – step that can start you on a healthier path.

For those of you that have trouble later in the day, the same concept applies.

When you’ve been running around all day with the kids, you’ve just completed a trip to the grocery store and are debating on whether or not to sit and take a nap or put the groceries away, then I recommend – put the groceries away.

Or in a more general sense – do just ONE MORE THING before collapsing in the chair.

I know…

Most of you are now saying – “Doc – you have NO IDEA, how tired I am”…and to that I say –

I understand!!!

I don’t want you to think that you have to run a marathon to get back on the road to health.  But I will tell you that your journey to better health and living begins by taking ONE MORE STEP.

So, take the break in the day, if you must.  But make sure to GET UP and get back to being active during your day:

  • If you are doing laundry – put away 1 more piece of clothing.
  • If you’re doing dishes – clean 1 more plate.
  • If you’re working around the house – do 1 more chore,

and sooner than you thought possible, you’ll notice you have more energy than you thought and for many people, that little bit of energy is enough to “jump-start” their bodies into creating a better and healthier person.

So when in doubt – Just Get Up.




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