Let It Be…the 3 most dangerous words in healthcare

These are 3 of the most dangerous words in healthcare.

It seems the world uses these three words as words of encouragement.   And millions of people use the lyrics of this Beatles song as their mantra, but as a health professional – these words strike fear into us when we hear a person was told by their doctor…  We’ll just “Let It Be”.

Why is this so dangerous?

First or all, you have to think of our bodies as  finely tuned machines.  We were created as unique beings who are born into this world.  As we grow, our bodies adapt and we learn to  survive the harsh environments that we are exposed to.  No only that, but we must continue to grow and prosper and even create future generations.

We are amazing creatures.

So it’s not unusual for a doctor to look at a person, say to themselves – “this is not too bad”…”we’ll wait for now and just see what happens”.

Since I specialize in physical medicine and how the function of the body affects a person’s life, I hear it all the time when a person comes from the orthopedist.  “You’re knees aren’t that bad – we’ll wait until they get worse and then do surgery on them.”

Wait a minute….

You want to let things continue to worsen, until they’re finally “BAD ENOUGH” to do surgery or other invasive procedures.  That just makes no sense to me.

This is not just the case in orthopedics.  This thought process spills over into ALL areas of healthcare.

If you go to the doctor, because you don’t feel right, so they say we’ll run some tests.  They look at your thyroid levels and tell you everything is within normal limits.  Since nothing looks “too bad” we’ll just let it be and see what happens.  In other words, let’s leave it alone until it gets bad enough that we have to do something about it.

That’s not right.

If you know there may be an issue, and you CAN do things to help prevent it from getting worse, doesn’t it make sense to take care of it BEFORE it becomes a true problem?

So if you’re experiencing symptoms that make you feel that something’s not right, but your doctors are telling you to “Let it be”….then it’s time for a second opinion.

Take the time right now to set up a consultation with myself or my doctors to learn about your particular health issues, and let’s take the necessary steps to fix your thyroid issues instead of just waiting until they are so bad that you need surgery or other intervention.

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