Looking for weightloss

All our people are looking for ways to be less fatigued and more healthy.  The professionals that we take care of are all looking for ways to lose weight and get back the feelings of being themselves again.

We’ve found a way to create wellness programs that help our stressed out female professionals to become themselves again.

So let’s go over a few things.

First – are you struggling with weight issues?

Let’s talk about weight and hormones.

What I’ve found that many of our professionals over the age of 40, are able to balance career and family, but find themselves not as healthy and vibrant as they want to be.  They start having issues with gaining weight and feeling fatigued, but they keep going and going and sooner than they thought possible, they’re overweight and fatigued and not themselves.

So, our first step is to determine what is not working as expected.

We’ve found that if we can determine what is not working we can design a specific program that will help get the systems back working correctly.

The trouble is most people say they’ve tried EVERYTHING…

They’ve tried diets. But we find that a diet may help in the short term but it will not work in the long run.  I’ve found that our patients work best with a specific eating program that is created for them.

Second – they’ve tried nutrition.  They’ve tried this supplement and that supplement and again, they may have some success in the beginning.  But over time, the supplements become less effective and soon they don’t work at all.  Then, they start seeing the weight come back on and they are taking more and more supplements.

In fact, we’ve found that there are 6 pillars of health, and we direct those pillars so that they support each person for their unique needs.

Once these pillars are put into place – a person starts living again.

Without a program and without a plan – people stay sick.

If you’ve tried everything and still are searching, then it’s time to talk to our doctors and get a plan.

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