No-Nonsense Bootcamp

Finally A No-Nonsense Functional Medicine Bootcamp For Thyroid Health

Tired of the run around with Doctors and DIY internet advise that kinda works? If so, Listen up…

I’m Dr. May’s, and I created this ALL-INCLUSIVE program for people ready to break the cycle of searching for answers… of never… quite getting the energy, slimmed down, brain clarity one has always wanted.

It’s a breakthrough program unlike anything ever offered, that centers on functional thyroid health (and therefore full body health).

Covers Every Angle: Diet, Supplements, Exercise, Lifestyle, Root Cause Testing, Individual Personalization….

There’s a reason most programs don’t work… and it’s because they don’t cover it all or make it easy… I’m changing that.

Finally an ALL-INCLUSIVE package…


So to better understand what you’re searching for and to see if this program may be a fit for you, I’m setting up time to talk about your particular situation in our “Out of Order”  Consult.  There is no charge for the inital consult and if you’re a candidate, you will be offered an opportunity to participate in the bootcamp.

Remember – this is NOT for everyone and will require a commitment of time and finances.  So if you’re ready for the challenge – set up a time and we’ll talk.

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