Antioxidant Minerals for Longevity

For many of us our health goals are not just based in fitness, or in longevity, but in a combination of both. We do not want to look, or even to be, in perfect health and die young, nor do we want to live many years in ill health, tired and in pain. Therefore, we […]


Dr. Clifton Mays, D.C. was named a member of the America’s Best Chiropractors 2018. Dr. Mays’ was chosen to take home top honors by the National Consumer Advisory Board an organization that identifies top professionals in their fields, . America’s Best Chiropractors Directory presented the award to Dr. Clifton Mays, D.C. in March of 2018. […]

What Healthy Senior Women Are Up To At The Gym

Many studies out there show the benefits of seniors making a regular trip to the gym. In fact, the older we get, the more we need to keep our muscles strong. Sarcopenia As the years go by, the muscular cells in our body waste away due to lack of use or by the damaging effects […]

10 Super Foods Every Woman Needs

Good nutrition doesn’t just happen by accident. Every woman needs to look at her diet in order to eat the foods that best promote good health and well being. Nothing makes more of an impact on ill health as a poor diet. Loss of energy, risk for chronic disease and weight gain are just a […]

Get the Complete Guide to the 6 Subtypes of Thyroid Disorders

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7 Tips For A Better Life From A Wellness Coach

Quality of life means different things to different people. Happiness also takes a variety of forms. According to a Harris Poll conducted in 2013, only 33 percent or one in three Americans are very happy. However, quality of life and happiness share some common components, good health, financial security and a sense of well-being. While […]

5 Everyday Skills To Prevent Chronic Stress

Stress is something that affects us all. Chronic stress is long-term stress that goes unimpeded over a long period of time. The fear, flight or fight response is on for an extended time and adrenaline is pumping constantly. This places fatigue on the kidneys and the body’s entire system. Many diseases are stress related; in […]

Migraine Diet

  We’ve put together a simple guide for Migraines. Understand this quick guide is strictly for educational purposes and should not be used in place of medical care or recommendations. Feel free to share this info with your physician for your long term health.

Women And Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia causes debilitating pain and fatigue. The illness affects 5 million American adults aged 18 years or older. While anyone can exhibit the disease regardless of age or gender, it affects women disproportionately. According to, 80 to 90 percent of the people suffering from the disease are women. The disease presents with intense aches […]