Restoring Your FIRE

Do you feel “burnt out”?

Are you tired and fatigued – ALL THE TIME?

Do you just not feel like yourself anymore?


Then this article is for you!


Since working with hundreds of thyroid patients, I see a common complaint of people “losing their fire”.  They’re tired all the time, they can’t keep up with the kids, they don’t feel like going out and having fun. They want to exercise, but don’t think they have enough energy to make it out of the house.

This is a common occurrence with thyroid sufferers.

When you lose your fire, you just can’t go like you used to.  You don’t feel like yourself. And as this goes – you start to gain more weight, and you can’t get it off.

This becomes a vicious cycle.

You work, you diet, you exercise and you still feel like you’re getting further and further away from the life you want to live.

It’s frustrating to do what you think is right and get further and further away from where you are trying to go.

I know you want to get control of your health and weight.

I know you’re ready to get back to being the active you – that you once were.

I know you want to get rid of the daily aches and pains that have continued to creep up over time.

But for many of you, this is where you stop.

  • You tell me that you’ve already tried every diet in the world.
  • You tell me you’ve been to ALL the doctors and they say nothing’s wrong.
  • You tell me you’ve had all the lab work and you can’t find anything.

Well, that’s just not the case.

If you are not where you want to be – whether it be with your weight, or with your activity level, then something is missing.

We know that hundreds of people have regained the lives they used to live, by finding the pieces of their healthcare that they’ve been missing.

The problem is that I can’t help you if you don’t let me.

People schedule time with either myself or my doctors and then – for whatever reason – they miss their scheduled consult time.

This is terribly sad and frustrating.  I know I can help, but if you don’t take the time to talk to us – you’ll never get our help.

So today, the question for you is –   ARE YOU READY?

Are you ready to get back the FIRE in your life?

Then, let’s take time to talk about your current situation and what needs to be done to get your fire back.

Schedule a time today.


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