Step in time

There are times in a person’s life that can bring great victory or great sorrow.  This is one of those times.

If you are reading this – then this is the right thing for you – right now.

This may sound very esoteric or a little “out there”, but I come to the recognition that where we are right now is the acumulation of all the little choices and decisions that we’ve made in our lifetime – up to this point.

It’s simple things that can ultimately make big changes.

One of my mentors talks about “little hinges swing big doors”.

So let’s talk about  your life.

If you’ve been following me either for the first time today, or if you’ve been with me over the past few decades, you know I help people dealing with health issues in their lives.

Many times when people come to me, they’ve been through MANY different types of treatment, different doctors, different diets, in fact, there are hundreds of different paths that people have taken to end up with me either in my offices or on line.

But there is one thing that I’ve found that gives people hope when all other paths have failed them.

This one thing is common with every patient/client/person that finds help with our various health and wellness programs.

Do you want to know what that one thing is?

It has to do with the title of this blog post.

If you read the title – it has to do with taking a step… but not just taking a step…

taking a step – NOW.

The common trait I see with people who finally recieve help with their health are those who take action and they take action NOW.

We are a nation of  “get around to it”.

We want to be healthy

We want to make more money

We want to be active with our friends and family….

But life gets in the way and we placate ourselves by saying – “I’ll get around to it”…

We procrastinate from taking action and the things we hope and wish for – never materialize – because we never take action.

Without action – there is no outcome

Without motion – there is no life

If we want to change the way things are there are only 2 choices –

  1. inactivity – so that the current situation continues without any direction and ultimately spins out of control…OR
  2. take action – to get back in control and start living the life WE WANT TO LIVE

It truly is that simple.

If you can make a decision – you can live a better life.

Since you are reading this – then somewhere deep inside – you know this is the truth.

Just action on a few simple steps – can ultimately lead you to a better and happier and healthier you


You must take action.

So, here is your test:

  1. do you want to stay the same   OR
  2. do you want to live better?

If you want to live better then it’s time to take action and set up an appointment to speak with me about your health and how you can start living the life you’re searching for.

So go here now and take that first step…

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