The Best Diet For Hypothyroidism

This is the question I get asked every day in my office.

And the answer I give to everyone is …..


The reality for most people is that they have a “love-hate” relationship with diets.  They think that diet includes sacrificing their favorite foods and eating twigs and sticks or other “all-natural” foods.

So let’s break this down a little bit.

There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” diet.

Although there are  “basic” foods that we recommend avoiding when you begin a wellness program, every person is different and there is no specific diet that fixes all thyroid problems.

The biggest thing we see with people suffering from thyroid problems is the difficulty on losing weight.

So people start restrictive diets and only eat 1 or 2 meals a day  and they start getting fatter and fatter and eating less and less and become more and more frustrated!!!!

So let’s flip this idea on it’s ear.


If you want to lose weight – YOU MUST EAT FOOD!!!!


Let this sink in.  There are diets that have shakes, and box foods, and bars – but the truth is  – without food – these diets are bound to fail over time.

You must eat ‘REAL FOOD” on a consistent basis or else you will continue to be fat, feel sluggish, and never get to the person you are trying to be.

So let’s talk about “REAL FOOD”.

This is food that you would purchase on the outside edges of the supermarket.

When you go shopping, the produce, the meat and the perishables are all on the outer edges of the supermarket.

This is the food you should be eating.

If it has a label – make sure that you can pronounce all the ingredients.  If you can’t pronounce the ingredient or if it looks more like chemistry than food – you probably should avoid it.  There is more and more evidence that can tie Gluten sensitivity to thyroid issues, so if you’re unsure, I’d recommend avoiding gluten if possible.  The reality is that gluten is in almost anything processed and is the binder in most breads and pasta – so to eliminate it from your diet – may be impossible, but you can avoid consuming large amounts of gluten and your system will thank you for it.

As simple as these recommendations are, these are my best recommendations when it comes to foods for hypothyroidism.

The other nuance with hypothyroidism and diet is that 20% of our INACTIVE thyroid hormone is converted in the gut into the active hormone, SO


So, many of the people coming to me about losing weight and helping their thyroid have never had their “gut” checked.  If this is the case for you – you will have a difficult time losing weight and healing your thyroid.

So talk to your doctor about checking your gut….if you’re doctor doesn’t know what that means…then it’s time for a new doctor!!!

We go over more specifics in our wellness program and each person who joins the program is given a tailored meal plan and nutraceutical program for their particular needs.

If you’re ready to step up – then call us and get on the program.

We’ll get you on the best diet FOR YOU!



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