The Big 2

The Thyroid gland is known for it’s ability to affect the body’s metabolism and the primary reason that this occurs is that the thyroid creates 2 hormones. The thyroid hormones, thyroxin (T4) and Triiodothyronine (T3), regulate growth and metabolism. Every organ, tissue and cell is affected by thyroid hormones. Without these 2 hormones we cannot grow, the brain does not develop properly and bone does not mature. So for people with un-diagnosed or under-diagnosed thyroid issues, these 2 little hormones can be a BIG deal!

Let’s talk about why they are so important.

Every cell in the body has receptors for thyroid hormones. We can think of these two hormones as the “starting bell”. If a cell is formed, it can start out as a “blank” cell (meaning it can be any type of cell) but the cell need to have “something” to tell it to get started on the path to being the type of cell it will ultimately become. The active thyroid hormone acts as the starting direction for the cell to begin it’s journey. Without the start – nothing happens…

Now to all you budding genetic scientists out there – the above explanation is a HUGE simplification of all the processes that can occur, and if you’re bored one day, I’d be happy to go over all the other science “mumbo-jumbo” with you, but in a nutshell – that is what happens. So thyroid hormone is incredibly important and without the proper amounts, there can be issues with ALL the systems of the body.

The interesting part about thyroid hormone is that of the 2 types – one type is considered “ACTIVE” and the other type is considered “INACTIVE”

Now – if you were to break down the amounts of hormone the thyroid produces, there is about 93% of the hormone is thyroxin (T4) and 7% is Triiodothyronine (T3).

Since we know how important thyroid hormone is to the body – take a guess which of these hormones is considered “ACTIVE”…

Take you’re time….I’ll let you think about it…

If you said – “Well, there is mostly T4 being produced – and every cell in the body is affected, I would guess “T4″!”

You are definitely thinking correctly – but the answer is T3!

This is what MOST people don’t understand about the thyroid.

The INACTIVE form of the hormone is the most prevalent form of the hormone and if the body cannot convert T4 (inactive) into T3 (active) there will ultimately be health issues.

So for MANY people suffering with thyroid problems, they go to the doctor, are told their thyroid “numbers” are just fine, but they feel fatigued and sick.

So they may indeed have “perfect” numbers, but if the INACTIVE hormone is not converted to the ACTIVE hormone – YOU WILL FEEL SICK!!!

I talk about this ALOT in our guide to understanding the 6 sub-types of thyroid disorder. If you want to understand more, get a copy of the guide and then we can talk about why you have good numbers but just don’t feel right.

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