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Okay – First of all – this post is FAR TOO TECHNICAL for the average reader, but it does contain some information that I’ve used in the past to help decipher thyroid hormone issues.  So for all the technical lovers out there – this is a post for you.  The post itself is  “transcribed” from the video -but even the transcriptionist had some issues with the technical parts of the video.

So for those of you who want a better understanding of the thyroid and it’s function – this post is for you.  If you don’t want to be bogged down by a bunch of medical “mumbo-jumbo” this is a post you can skip.

I’m working on a few specific add on’s for our wellness program and there are a couple of “gems” in this that we use for our wellness plans, so if you have the extra time – watch the video.


The Thyroid is a butterfly gland located near the front of the neck. The thyroid has been wrapped around the neck bone under the hood. The thyroid hormone is a key. T3 is Triiodothyronine, T-4 called Thyroxine. The number displayed in the number -3 -4 on a hormone molecule containing the most amount of iron atoms. T-3 and T-4 are the thyroid hormones. To inspire the production of thyroid hormone is the hormone TSH Peter Reed battery glands from the brain control. TSH thyrotropin attract hormone release, TRH. When TSH amount rises, it reduces the production of TRH to stop production. Thyroid hormone the body parts to control the life of the chemical process. Hungry, Digestive, Blood vessels and intestines to absorb nutrients from the preparation. The thyroid hormone helps increase the oxygen inhaled, respiratory rate A slow, fast heartbeat Heavy. As a result, helps to increase the body’s heat radiation guard. The thyroid hormone production usually produces more body warmth during the winter.


The thyroid hormones help to give you stronger bones and brain vigor. There are 2-thyroid problems. One was called Hypo thyroid – Low thyroid hormone production because, to slow the chemical processes. Through slow breathing Make the heart pump slower. Significant metabolic issues occur and you are easily tired.


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