Time To Work

Okay, we’re all busy with activities and life seems to speed by faster and faster.

So I’m taking a little time to explain what I mean about work.

We all work.

Whether it’s at an office or out in the fields or in the home – we all work.

Working is a part of life.

The difficulty is when work OVERTAKES life.

We all have duties to perform.  Whether your taking care of 2 children and a parent, or whether you are taking care of a Fortune 500 company and all the employees, you have certain duties you MUST perform.

I’m here to tell you to keep working – but remember  – don’t let work take over your life!!!

Let me tell you a story.

I had a client (Mike).  Mike is a “big deal” in the company that he works for.  He manages an area of the US that covers most of the East Coast – pretty much from New York to Florida and all the way west past the Mississippi into the heartland of the country.

He works long hours and takes calls throughout the day.  Since he manages different time zones, his job hours can last from early morning before the sun rises, to well past night time.  Although he says he doesn’t work 24/7, he has his phone on him wherever he goes.

So, Mike came to use and was just TIRED.  Not just the tired you get after a busy day – it’s the tired you get when you’re about ready to collapse and it seems you can’t go on.

The advantage for Mike is that he came to us, so we were able to look at his labs, customize a plan that worked with his “schedule” and get him back on the road to recovery.

I’d love to say this is the end of the story and Mike lived happily ever after – but that would be selling this story short.

You see, EVERYONE is alot like Mike.  We all have “things” that have to be accomplished and we can’t just pick up and “move to the Bahamas!”.  We have bills, and families, and work commitments that NEVER end, so here’s where the story gets interesting.

As we worked with Mike, things started improving.  Pain went away, weight started to normalize, stress became less constant – but you know what happened????



Mike still had a job and since he was performing better at work – they gave him MORE to do.  So within a short period of time – the stresses returned, the  pain started showing up and Mike just felt “beat up” again.

So we gave Mike a little bit of advice….  TIME TO WORK.

We talked about setting up a “TIME TO WORK” and a “TIME TO NOT WORK”.

We started scheduling in breaks during the day and night – that he could NOT work, and we set up times of the day that he could ONLY work.  This seems a little counter intuitive, because we are “working all day” – aren’t we???

Well, what we found is that Mike was not just working on the projects he was responsible for, but was spending time “putting out fires” and this time cut into his “work” time.  So tasks would pile up, things would get behind and he was getting tired and overwhelmed again.

So on top of going through our proprietary – SCIENCE- SUBTYPE-SOLUTION program, he put in times of day that he work ONLY on the tasks that HE had to get done.

This focus again gave him higher productivity and with certain nutrition and neutraceutical recommendations – his clarity and focus increased his productivity again.

So – although this is the end of THIS story – Mike’s story continues – just like yours.  But with our help and tailored healthcare program, Mike is back on track and felling more like himself again.  All while keeping the bosses and his clients happy and productive.

If you are like Mike and need to get a hold of your life – it’s time to talk to us.

It’s time to set yourself up to win.  It’s time to get you the tools you need to be happy and healthy.

It’s time to WORK!

Schedule your time NOW to get started!

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