Wait…There’s More!!!

I hear this all the time, either on TV, on the radio or even in print.

You see a product and they tell you all about how GREAT it is, but before you jump in and get the product – they stop and say – “Wait…There’s More!”

This is a common occurrence that happens all the time, and in fact it actually happened to me just the other day.  But I want you to look at this a different way.  Let me tell you what happened.

If you’ve been following me for any period of time, you know that we focus on hypothyroid symptoms and all the various issues that can occur when a person is either under-diagnosed or mis- diagnosed with thyroid issues.

One of the people who saw my information – told me she was disappointed, in that all we addressed was hypothyroid symptoms and didn’t go in to the HUNDREDS of other issues that a thyroid issue can cause.

Well, I understand her frustration.  When you suffer with thyroid issues – your entire world can be turned upside down.  Not only do you get varying answers from health care providers, but you get conflicting information from friends and family and the truth is that for many people – no one truly understands.

So when you’re frustrated and are overwhelmed – you can be always searching for MORE.  

You go around looking for information for this symptom and for the latest treatment of this problem, always searching for more.  You want the latest, greatest treatment or information, but you keep searching for more.

This is what was going on with this person.

And to a point, I agree.

We do offer more than just thyroid support.  I treat people with hundreds of conditions and since being in practice for over 26 years, I’ve found hundreds of things that work to help people live better lives, YET

it’s important to know that NO MATTER what a person is going through, you have to establish a starting point for their health.

And if you don’t start with a simple point, you’ll never be able to get through ALL the information that is out there and you may never find the answers you are truly searching for.

SO…this is why our information is very straight-forward and to the point.  I don’t want you to have to search for hundreds of treatment programs to find what may help you.  I want to find the starting point for  your health and then create a path to a healthier and happier tomorrow.  The simpler, the better.

If you’re tired of running after the next-latest-treatment options, always waiting to hear “wait – there’s more” – maybe it’s time to stop searching everywhere for the answers, and find out where you are starting from right now.

That’s why we offer a chance to speak with our doctors to find your starting point.  It’s time to stop searching for more and get started on creating your healthier tomorrow.


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