Weight and Work

If you are female and are working, there is a good chance that your weight may be keeping you from reaching the work goals you are searching for.

There are multiple studies and case law across the country that reveals that WOMEN are discriminated against because of their WEIGHT….


the worst part is that it is PERFECTLY LEGAL!

So if you’re struggling with health and weight issues, you are already under a large amount of stress.  You then have to work and are discriminated against just on the fact that you are overweight!

 SO –

There is more stress and anxiety, and that makes it even more difficult to lose weight!

This scenario is one that I see played out in my clinics far too often.

There are ladies, just like you, that are doing a great job at work, but are tired and frustrated, and over time, have gained more weight.

They begin to see less “support” at work and start having to work longer and harder – just to keep up…

And just like many of you, they are passed over for promotions, or are chosen for tasks that they would not normally have to  perform – all because their weight.

Does this sound like you?

If you’re working but are struggling with your weight – you are not alone!

You CAN take control of your weight – but you must understand WHY you’re gaining or not losing weight like you should.

I have PLENTY of women who are “eating right”, exercising and STILL can’t lose weight…


It’s a good chance that one of the 6 subtypes of thyroid disorder is KEEPING you overweight, and without correcting the underlying cause – you’ll continue to struggle.

Don’t continue to struggle – make the call today to talk with one of our doctors.

You can work with me and finally get a hold of your health!

  • Stop being “passed over”
  • Stop living as a “second class citizen”
  • Stop struggling…

Work with me to get control and start living the life you deserve!

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