What’s Holding You Back?

This has been an interesting time in our world.  Things are being said in the news and throughout our communities that we must stay sheltered and not go out in order to save yourselves and others.

I am tired of being silent about this.

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted much information due to the fact that I didn’t want to OFFEND anyone.  I have always been taught it is easier to attract people with “honey” and not “vinegar”, so I am usually one who is trying to unite people rather than creating a divide.

But this is too much.

People are in a state of constant FEAR right now.  And, I truly don’t understand why?

I think there are 3 major factors that are causing this and if you get these 3 things RIGHT – you’ll not live in fear as well.

First – Is understanding health and healing.

Let me make this perfectly clear – there is NO external force on the planet that will “heal” you!  It is up to your body to take what it has and heal.  This is a truly simplistic ideal – but if you understand it – you will be better for it.

I’ve heard it said all to often when a person is sick and dying – the doctors tell the family – “well, it’s in God’s hands now”.  The truth is that it’s ALWAYS that way!

I believe we were created by an INTELLIGENT force that put our intricate systems together in such a way that it’s knows how to function and survive.

We never have to tell our LIVER to do “liver -things” to keep living – it just DOES!  That means to me that there is an intelligence in the body that will do EVERYTHING it can to keep us healthy and alive.  You’re welcome to debate me on this – I just don’t have time in this post to write more.

Second – Is being prepared for what happens next.

As a scout – the motto was “always be prepared”.  And with all the drama and conflict surrounding the boy scouts today – it seems even they didn’t take their own advice.

I know that I will not live forever.  In fact – there is a possibility that I won’t live past today.  But – I KNOW that I’m prepared for what comes next.  I’m not afraid.  Again – many of you will want to debate on what happens when we are no longer on the planet – but I’m confident in my decision and my beliefs.  So I no longer live in FEAR of what comes next.  If you don’t fear what the day will bring – you will be better prepared to face the challenges that you DO face.

THIRD-  I understand that I make choices that effect/affect my health and well-being

I know that if I run out on the highway in the middle of rush hour and try and “dodge” cars – there is a HIGH probability that I’ll get hit and suffer injury.  Life is no different.  We make choices every day that either increase or decrease our risks of being healthy or being sick.  I choose to make decisions that improve my chances to be healthy.  AND YOU CAN TOO!

We all have choices and what we have learned during this time is that for MANY people – they’ve been making the wrong choices.  The wrong choices have lead to chronic disease processes that are TRULY correctable with proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.  And for some – this wake up call has been a god-send.  But for others – who’ve made unhealthy choices – this time has been filled with Fear and Uncertainty – and that must stop.

If you are unsure about your choices, but you’ve never found someone who will “tell it like it is” or who understands what choices you should make for your health – then you need a mentor that will help you through this.

It’s time to get things RIGHT.  Stop living with fear and indecision.  Find someone who is willing to take you by the hand and help you through this time.

It’s time to talk to me.

I’ve been helping people with their health and lifestyle for nearly 30 years and I understand what you’re going through.  I also understand what steps you MUST take to stop living in fear and start living the life you SHOULD be living.

There is no better time than NOW to take action and no better person than me and my team to get you through this.

I’m here and ready to help you live FEARLESS!

Time To Talk


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