Who Needs This?

I am approached all the time by people wondering whether or not our wellness programs are for them.

Let me give you a little insight as to who benefits the most with our wellness programs.

If you’re a professional female and have been struggling with weight issues, this program is for you!

To be even more specific – if you’re a female ages 35-55 working as a full time job either at home or in an office and the stresses of life have caused you to gain weight – AND

it seems as if everything you try works for a period of time, but it always seems like something is missing – OR

what you’ve tried hasn’t worked and your tired of trying EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN to see progress – our program is for you.

What about our men?

What we’ve found is that the men are good at starting our programs, but once they begin to see the weight come off, they often revert to their old ways, and although they don’t re-gain the weight – they don’t continue to lose.

So for our men – we do things a little different.

If you’re a single professional male – age 45 to 65, we’ve set up our CREATING OUR PRIME Program.

This has some of the same PRIMARY pillars as our core Wellness program – with a focus on building strong foundations for LONG TERM success.

When our married guys come in – we bring in their wives, to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Now – there is a reason we like to have couples come in together.  Here’s why.

Since the ladies follow directions – FAR BETTER than our men – we have a detailed program that allows them to TAILOR the wellness plan for theirs and the families specific needs.

  • Have children?

Use this program for meals.

  • Have a picky husband?

Use this program for nutrition and “cheat” days

  • Have a crazy schedule?

Let’s make the program work on YOUR time!!!

There are so many ways we can help you lose weight and keep it off, there’s no reason to look somewhere else.

So if any of this resonates with you and you’re looking for answers, schedule a time to talk with our doctors.

You’ll never know – if you don’t ASK!!!

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