How to Heal Your Thyroid
Once and For All

If you’ve ever thought your thyroid needed healing,
this could be the most important thing you read...

Dear Friend,

Of course you know how important thyroid is to your health.  I’m sure you know that every single cell in your body needs thyroid hormone to work properly.

And that even a small hiccup in the thyroid system could cause all kinds of problems from weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and many more…

I won’t bore you with how its the key to feeling great and looking the way you want.

But I will let you know if you’ve gone to the doctor before and you’ve had “tests” only to be told, “everything is normal”.

But you know, deep down, that things are NOT normal.

That’s why you went to see the doctor in the first place.

I’m here to tell and show you that you’re knowing is right.  Do not stop until you’ve read this entire page. For I’m about to tell you why that doctor was wrong, how he may have saved you some time, and what to do next to actually heal.

Hi, My Name Is Dr. Clifton Mays, I’ve treated 100’s of thyroid patients using advanced lab testing and root cause analysis that most doctors never learn.  I had to because I saw family members suffer with thyroid issues.

My training and standard labs didn’t help. So I dove in to fix them myself first, then realized there’s honestly 1,000’s of people like them.  Who are willing to work hard to get healthy but honestly are frustrated with the advice they’ve been given. That’s why i re-created my whole practice to help those with Thyroid problems.  Those who have these issues deserve a dedicated system to getting healthy. More on that later, first I want to help you avoid any more mistakes...

Here’s 4 Thyroid Strategies that NEVER work (and you should watch out for)

Have you heard about these strategies before?

 1.  Synthroid medication

Synthroid is the number one thyroid medication prescribed and the primary treatment for the last 50 years.  You’d think this would mean it’s proven to help or be a magical cure. If you’ve used it like most my patients you’ll know it’s not either of those.

Most people are just given this and told they have to stay on for LIFE.  This is just not true in the majority of my cases. 5 out 6 people who read this will not be helped by this strategy.   For most people it’s a waste of time and a band-aid at best that masks the real issues with your thyroid. If you’re one of those people you’ll notice your lab values change, you get temporary jumps in energy, but months later you still don’t feel like you want.

The truth is you need the right amount of thyroid hormone production and just taking extra rarely gets the job done.  2.  Armour Thyroid or Natural Thyroid

Another method many people have tried is the use of thyroid hormone to treat hypothyroidism. This is an improved hormone replacement option as it contains several hormones that the body needs (Synthroid has only one).  Many people view it as a suitable treatment for thyroid problems. And I think it’s a better option than Synthroid but it also rarely gets you the health you want.

Most people on Armour are settling.  

And I know you don’t want to settle when it comes to your health.  The reason why these people are settling is they are told this is their best option, but again they are only focused on replacement.  Not production, absorption or conversion of the thyroid hormones.

Here is the nuance I want you to focus on, it’s not good enough to just replace hormones and check lab values.  There’s 6 different hypothyroid problem patterns that could be happening. And until you address your pattern and it’s root causes -- replacement hormones will always feel like settling.  

3. Iodine and Selenium Supplementation)

Using supplements for thyroid treatment is another method that people with thyroid issues try.  And while I will often use these supplements in my practice, I need to warn you that just supplementing with these without proper nutrient testing and understanding can cause further issues in thyroid conditions.

Too much iodine or too little will mimic many of the health issues thyroid people report.  Same is true with Selenium… too little or too much and people will report nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, brittle hair and nails or even nervous system problems.  And in some of the 6 thyroid subtypes too much iodine can inflame the thyroid gland.

The point is these nutrients need to be respected, measured, and used approprity for each of the subtypes.  Non-individualized dosing is most often a waste of money and in some cases causes further health damage.

4.  Avoiding Cruciferous Vegetables   

Many people intuitively know or read about how important food is to our health.  And I want to affirm that in my practice if you are unwilling to change your diet to a thyroid friendly diet you will not get better.  

But sadly, people are being mislead in two ways…

1) is that diet alone can heal your thyroid issues… simply not true.  If it did you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Without a doubt diet matters and it’s not a magic pill for thyroid issues.  It must be combined with other targeted strategies.

2) people read about how cruciferous vegetables can cause thyroid issues.  And they start avoiding them (sometimes completely cutting them out). I think this is a serious mistake.  While it is true that you need to have the right amount iodine to be able to eat them… it’s also true that these plants are very important to feeding your gut bacteria and full of antioxidants the body craes.  The gut bacteria are crucial in conversion of thyroid hormones and any super plant that helps the body fight cancer like cruciferous do… shouldn’t be avoided.

Instead, again get your iodine levels checked and find the right balance of diet, supplements, root cause elimination for whichever of the 6 subtypes you are suffering from.

Now that you know what to look out for, here’s some things to help you today...

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make A Change In Your Favor…

You’re probably wondering what you should focus on to help your thyroid health, here’s what I’d recommend you start with...

1) Stop eating gluten.

I hope you’ve heard about this food toxin by now.  But if you haven’t it’s found in grains, especially wheat, barley and rye.  The gluten molecule can often cause the body to go into “attack” mode and this can increase inflammation and begin to make all the symptoms of thyroid disease worse.

All the hype over gluten may seem like overkill, but for those people who “truly” have a specific subtype of thyroid disorder – it can be a miraculous change!  For the rest of the subtypes it also helps (especially with weight loss).

Even 3 days of no gluten can begin the process of helping the body to decrease inflammation and start to heal and feel better.  Don’t argue. Just do it. You will thank me later.

2) Eat and Supplementing with Turmeric

It’s common when you don’t have help you trust to just buy supplements and try things.  In fact, I used to do it before I found the answers. So I don’t want to discourage taking action but I do want to let you know the majority of supplements and pills for thyroid help -- typically don’t live up to their hype.  

The reason is because thyroid issues are so intertwined with your gut health and immune system.  Often times doctors and patients get to focused on the thyroid gland and forget that the rest of the body impacts deeply.  So the one supplement that almost universally helps people is to consume more turmeric. This includes using it as a spice, as well as making tumeric tea and taking one of the most powerful ingredients of the plant called curcuim as a supplement.

It helps by regulating the immune system and helping the cells to function better with the amount of thyroid hormones they already have.

3) Get to the Bottom of Thyroid Problems with the BIG 9

After 25 + years of treating people, I’ve found 6 primary subtypes of thyroid disorder and when you understand which of the subtypes is the primary cause of a patient's thyroid disease, you can make a few subtle changes over time that can change a person’s life forever.  

One of the most valuable pieces of understanding what is going on with a person’s thyroid is proper lab testing.  I’ve found that the BIG 9 lab tests give an amazing overall picture of thyroid function and if you understand the test results, you’re able to see major changes with just a few minor adjustments.

If you haven’t been tested for thyroid function, I recommend these basic tests (the BIG 9):

  1. TSH,

  2. T3 Uptake,

  3. Reverse T3 (rT3)

  4. Total T4 (Thyroxine),

  5. Free T4,

  6. TPO and Anti-thyroglobulin

  7. Total T3 Triiodothyronine,

  8. Free T3,

  9. Free Thyroxine Index

If you understand the numbers and can put them together with other lab values, you can have a clear picture of what is happening with the thyroid gland and make healthcare decisions that can truly correct the underlying issues.

Don’t work with anyone who doesn’t test all 9.  


Because the Big 9 not only look at the thyroid gland function but they also tell the doctor what’s happening in thyroid hormone conversion, what the thyroid gland is being told to do, and if the cells are even using the available thyroid hormone.

If you have these numbers you’ll understand if you actually need replacement thyroid, if your other body systems like the gut, brain, or hormones need help first, or if it’s more about the health of cells and their ability to use thyroid hormone.

How to Stop Your Thyroid Issues
Once and For All

It’s all about testing, understanding and fixing the root causes in each individual person’s body. The key to healing thyroid disorders is resolving all of the underlying causes, which is why you only want to work with someone who uses the Big 9 tests and specializes in thyroids.

Otherwise they are probably not dedicated enough to eliminating the issues facing a thyroid troubled body.  

We know that to help repair thyroid disorders 3 criteria must be met: repair of the body’s immune system, restoring proper gut function, and replacing harmful triggers with foods and supplements that encourage healthy living. A detailed history and targeted laboratory testing are necessary to identify the root cause triggers.

Many of my patients have 3-5 root causes and aren’t aware of most of them.

The 6 Most Common Root Causes of Hypothyroidism Are: 

  1. Gut infections - if the gut is not working properly, you will experience issues with digestion and processing of nutrition.  This can lead to health issues throughout the body.

  2. Thyroid hormone conversion - even if the thyroid is doing its job, if the thyroid hormone cannot be converted to the active form, you will remain feeling sick and no amount of medication will ever correct the problem.

  3. Brain regulation of the thyroid - our brains control how much “work” our thyroid is told to perform.   If the brain is unable to communicate properly, the thyroid will not do it’s job properly, and this can lead to all types of thyroid symptoms.

  4. Immune system dysregulation - when the body’s natural defenses start to work against itself, you stay sick.  If there are auto-immune issues that are not addressed, you can never truly be healthy.

  5. Nutrient deficiencies - no matter how well you do when it comes to eating and nutrition, if you’re body is not utilizing the nutrients correctly, you will constantly be “running behind” when trying to get back to feeling like yourself again.

  6. Proper Hormone transportation - every cell in the body utilizes thyroid hormone, and if there are problems with the transporting of hormone to different parts of the body, you will start to see the body breaking down.  This can lead many patients to develop illnesses that baffle even the most trained physicians.

Reading this usually begs the question...

Which of these do you have?

The answer is it’s pretty hard to know without the proper advanced testing to give you an accurate picture of what’s going on.  Once you check for these and look at the Big 9 tests then you’ll know which of the 6 thyroid subtypes you are.

Here’s the list:

  1. Primary Hypothyroidism

  2. Hypothyroidism – secondary to Hypo-pituitary function

  3. Thyroid Under-Conversion

  4. Thyroid Over-Conversion and Decreased TBG

  5. Thyroid Binding Globulin TBG Elevation

  6. Auto-Immune Disorder

Remember each of the 6 subtypes has a natural healing pattern that can be unlocked in a matter of months if you work with the right practitioner.  

The key to having a natural easy health, aging and energy is finding which of these root causes are causing the subtype pattern that you have. 

With this knowledge you are primed for the best year of health you’ve ever had. So if you are tired of emotional rollercoaster of having thyroid problems… the weight gain, hair and nail issues. 

And you’re sick of... 

Working with practitioners who don’t specialize in the issue you have I encourage you to talk to me. 

If you’d like to get 1-on-1 help troubleshooting which root causes are contributing to your thyroid disorder, and get a specific plan to reverse this condition, the first step is to book a free 1-hour “Thyroid Root Cause Troubleshooting Session”.

During the appointment, we’ll do an in depth review your history, talk about the appropriate tests for your case, and give you some tips and tricks to support your symptoms while we figure out which of the root causes you might have.

If you’re ready to STOP your Thyroid Issues, and FINALLY treat the root causes making you sick, click the link below to book your troubleshooting session with us today.

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I look forward to working with you and handling this in your life once and for all.

For Better Wellness,

Dr. Clifton Mays