Lab Testing

Many of our patients have been surprised when we tell them, they need to have Comprehensive Lab Testing done for their condition.

Before ever speaking with us, most of them are just like you and have been working for years to better understand their health conditions.  They’ve been to doctor after doctor, then specialist after specialist and when they come to the office they are tired and frustrated.  Not only do they have questions about their health but they are more confused about what the doctors have been telling them, so then they come to us.

So in order to better understand how we’re unique is to let you know what we do.  The first thing we do is sit down and talk about your  specific health issues.  This is a thorough consultation that compiles your personal health history and then we are able to put together a unique road map of your health goals and where we should be looking for issues.  You will finally have the opportunity to tell a doctor what your concerns are and what you want to do with your health.  After you’ve gotten the chance to lay out your health goals, we discuss what the next step is for your health plan.

Then we discuss the lab tests we recommend for your particular care.

Your lab testing is created for your specific health concerns.  In fact, our base lab test includes over 72 biomarkers that help give us a complete health profile.  Then depending on what is found in your lab test, a specific plan is put together to help reach your health goals.

So better understanding of your biomarkers, gives you an idea of where your current health situation is, in regard to where your health goals should be.

First we look at the way your body handles sugar.  It’s important to know how your body uses the small building blocks of sugar to help build your health foundation.  We’ll also insure you body is breaking down and using proteins.  These proteins help your body continue to function in the long run.  This can help determine if your health issues are due to basic body functioning.

Next we address thyroid concerns with a battery of 9 specific thyroid tests that help determine why your thyroid is not working like it should.  Many people just like you are excited to find out the results of these specific tests.  These tests give answers to many thyroid issues.  With answers, we are able to help patients create health and wellness plans that get them results that they never thought possible

Along with comprehensive metabolic testing, we address the functioning of the kidneys, the liver and how your immune system is functioning.  With this testing, we can see if your body is fighting inflammation or if you are anemic.  Our panel

More and more people just like you are finally getting answers to their health concerns and with our complete health history and comprehensive testing, we are able to offer solutions that people just like you have been searching for.

Don’t wait any longer.  Call us today and schedule a time to sit down and speak to our doctors.

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