Let It Be…the 3 most dangerous words in healthcare

These are 3 of the most dangerous words in healthcare. It seems the world uses these three words as words of encouragement.   And millions of people use the lyrics of this Beatles song as their mantra, but as a health professional – these words strike fear into us when we hear a person was told […]

Your Thyroid And A Rock

We’ve heard the saying:  “I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place”.  And for many people, this means many different things. It can mean we’re in a difficult situation and don’t have a lot of options to choose from, or it can mean that you have choices to make and none of the choices […]

Case Study in Working With Thyroid Patients

I know many people are asking about “what types of cases” our doctors work with. That’s an excellent question and the best answer is that we help sick people who want to get well. Now this is the broad answer, but let me explain what this means to you. Our practice has the focus of […]

I just know it

People come to me all the time and tell me: “Doc, I just came from my doctor’s office, and they said ‘Everything’s Fine’, but something still is not right…I just know it!” This is when you have to take a step back, look at the WHOLE picture and go from there. You see, our bodies […]

Are You Worth It?

After years of taking care of people’s health, I see a trend that makes me wonder… Are You Worth It? There are people today who are living paycheck to paycheck, but they spend money on the latest fashion trend, or the showroom car, or even botox parties for their lips and eyes. This makes me […]

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Read The Book

If you’re like many of my patients, you’ve often wondered about what you can do RIGHT NOW about getting your thyroid symptoms under control.  It’s always best to speak with your doctor and I recommend you SPEAK TO ME first.  The reason I say this is because every person is unique and every health situation […]

Determining Your Future

IMAGINE if you could ask your body WHAT’S GOING ON? A Functional Health Report takes your lab data and analyzes it to help you understand what’s going on inside your body. Like a finger print, people are individuals with unique biochemical characteristics. Even for people with the same condition, their contributing imbalances may be very […]

Low Thyroid Function?

Many people ask about herbs for their thyroid issues.  I have a quick list  of herbs and their effect on the thyroid gland.  DO NOT take these herbs without consulting with a physician or doctor you are currently working with for your thyroid issues. Herbs for Low Thyroid Function Bladderwrack Fucus vesicu/osus has been traditionally […]

Wait…There’s More!!!

I hear this all the time, either on TV, on the radio or even in print. You see a product and they tell you all about how GREAT it is, but before you jump in and get the product – they stop and say – “Wait…There’s More!” This is a common occurrence that happens all […]

The 6 Key Steps To Healthy Aging

Healthy aging seems like something so straightforward, yet few people think into the future. However, you may be surprised to see the actual number of people who age gracefully, without significant health issues. Can this be avoided? Most definitely. However, it requires you to make changes to your lifestyle now, as age can be fought […]